Bruised by Azarel Paperback Book


Rent Bruised

Author: Azarel

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Life Changing Books

Published: Jan 2005

Genre: Fiction - General

Retail Price: $15.00

Pages: 288


With her good looks and fat bank account Carlie is the prize of her family and the envy of her friends. She's a nice woman with an attraction to worthless men. No one seems to understand why she would get involved with Devon, a notorious criminal. Eventually, Carlie's life takes a drastic change for the worse. She has to fight for survival! Will she give in? Or die trying?

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BookLender review by Shelia on 2010-01-21 11:29:33

I really enjoyed this book. And just to think that things like this happen every day. Women we must open out eyes to realize that domestic abuse is not okay. the man doesn't love us when he hits us to hurt us. Trying to control us is not love. I am so glad that Carlie woke up and found out that Devon didn't love her - he wanted to control her.