Bubbe and Me in the Kitchen: A Kosher Cookbook of Beloved Recipes and Modern Twists by Sonoma Press Paperback Book


Rent Bubbe and Me in the Kitchen: A Kosher Cookbook of Beloved Recipes and Modern Twists

Author: Sonoma Press

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Sonoma Press

Published: Feb 2016

Genre: Cooking - Regional & Ethnic - Jewish & Kosher

Retail Price: $16.99

Pages: 248


A Kosher Cookbook that Reinvigorates Family Recipes and Embraces Our Culinary Future

Jerry Seinfeld's fictional dentist Tim Whatley famously converted to Judaism "for the jokes," but if there's one thing that defines Jewish culture as much as humor it's food. Miri Rotkovitz spent her childhood in the kitchen of her grandmother, Ruth Morrison Simon, whose commitment to international Jewish fare left a lasting impression. Bubbe and me in the Kitchen is a touching, humorous, versatile kosher cookbook, which celebrates the storied recipes that characterize and reinvent Jewish food culture.

Offering time-tested culinary treasures from her grandmother’s recipe box, plus more than 80 original recipes of Miri’s own, this kosher cookbook includes Ashkenazi favorites such as babka, brisket, and matzo ball soup, and more global dishes, from za’atar pita chips and forbidden rice bowls to watermelon gazpacho and Persian chicken stew.

With contributions from Ronnie Fein, Kim Kushner, Paula Shoyer, and other Jewish food professionals, as well as holiday menus, this kosher cookbook is just as likely to spark memories and spur conversation as it is to enliven your meals.

Generational perspectives on keeping kosherOver 100 recipes reflecting the diversity of traditional and modern Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrahi cuisineA kosher cookbook with recipe labels in accordance with a kosher diet

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