Cancer Vortex by Kenneth V. Anton Paperback Book


Rent Cancer Vortex

Author: Kenneth V. Anton


Publisher: Raptor Press

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Health & Fitness - Naturopathy

Pages: 266


Cancer is recognized as a serious threat to just about everyone alive today. Soon it will overtake heart disease as the leading cause of death. As for the 'War on Cancer', it has been an abysmal failure after 40 years and hundreds of billions invested, yet cancer rates are increasing yearly. The truth is they have abandoned seeking a cure because the real money is made from treating cancer. The lack of progress can be attributed to the greed of Big Pharma and the Medical Cartel that has controlled American medicine for over 100 years. Sadly, hundreds of billions in drug profits take priority over the health of Americans. The book compares orthodox cancer therapy (limited to surgery, radiation and chemo) to natural therapies many of which have succeeded in curing tens of thousands of terminal patients. But despite this success, they have been persecuted and suppressed by the government. Tribute is paid to research visionaries, especially biochemist Dr Otto Warburg, who was awarded two Nobel Prizes for his groundbreaking discovery of the generic cause of cancer. Yet American medicine has shunned his discoveries in favor of orthodox cancer treatment. In addition to the investigation of various natural therapies, the book sheds light on the workings of the Medical Cartel, while in the background three dramatic stories of couples struggling against cancer unfold. Those patients subjected to orthodox therapy without being given a choice are trapped in the 'Cancer Vortex' with little hope of recovery. The fact is, cancer exists in all of us, but it can be controlled with knowledge, self discipline and a healthy immune system. Dr Otto Warburg makes a startling revelation: "The prevention of cancer requires no government help and no extra money."

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