Captured by Vision: 101 Insights to Empower Your Congregation by George W. Bullard Jr Paperback Book


Rent Captured by Vision: 101 Insights to Empower Your Congregation

Author: George W. Bullard Jr


Publisher: WestBow Press

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Religion - Christian Church - Leadership

Pages: 178


Will you keep drowning worms in the pond of possibilities, hoping to yank a vision from the water that will feed your church for a day? Or will you immerse yourself on a spiritual and strategic journey that will lead to your capture by God’s vision for your congregation?

This book will help your congregation understand what it means to be captured by God’s empowering vision. Through vision, God will empower congregations and pull them forward toward their full Kingdom potential so you don’t have to be behind them pushing!

Through 101 insights this book explains how you do not seek and find a vision, as much as you put yourself into a spiritual position to be captured by God’s unique, empowering vision. Does your congregation long to embark on such a journey? Do you want to be more than you are? Do you want to move beyond “good enough” to “exceptional” in meeting the real needs of real people in real time?

Anyone who is positively passionate about congregations being mobilized by God’s empowering vision for their future ought to devour this book. If it is important to you that congregations not settle for “good enough” but seek to move prophetically into God’s full Kingdom potential, you ought to read this book.

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