Catching Hell by Brandon D. Wyrick Paperback Book


Rent Catching Hell

Author: Brandon D. Wyrick

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: New Generation Publishing

Published: Feb 2017

Genre: Fiction - African American - Erotica

Pages: 170


Exhilarating, Emotional, Shocking, Mind twisting drama!


When all that is good falls part what's a man to do? -B. Wyrick-


 Kevin Bullard is a sexy, wealthy, ambitious, high power businessman who appears to have it all, or so he thought. 


A sudden death in his company allowed him to take ownership of the pharmaceutical firm in downtown Dallas, Texas. Trying to prepare for his first child his pregnant girlfriend brings the drama with hot, wet, lustful sex when what seems to be almost an overnight chain of events throws his life into a whirlwind. 


Can things somehow get better or will his life crumble before his very eyes? Find out inside!  

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