Churchill Confidential: A BBC Radio Drama-Documentary (BBC Audio) by Charles Wheeler Paperback Book


Rent Churchill Confidential: A BBC Radio Drama-Documentary (BBC Audio)

Author: Charles Wheeler

Narrator: David Ryall

Format: Unabridged CD

Publisher: BBC Audiobooks

Published: Feb 2012

Genre: History - Europe - Great Britain

Retail Price: $16.95


Norman Brook was Cabinet Under Secretary during the Second World War and took personal, handwritten notes of the exchanges between Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his ministers. The BBC gained exclusive access to his notebooks, and journalist and broadcaster Charles Wheeler recreates the discussions, concerns - and disagreements - of those cabinet meetings. He narrates this compelling drama-documentary that was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 - the same day the notebooks were released to the public.Starring David Ryall as Churchill and Tim Pigott-Smith as Morrison, we hear Churchill arguing with his Cabinet over reprisals against Germany - 'if anybody likes to play rough, we can play rough too' - and deciding what information to release to the public about the mass extermination of Jews, the treatment of POWs and the Bethnal Green tube station disaster. Startling insights into Churchill's character are revealed, as well as the background to some of the most dramatic decisions that shaped the history of the 20th Century.

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