City of Night (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book 2) by Dean Koontz Paperback Book


Rent City of Night (Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, Book 2)

Author: Dean Koontz

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Bantam

Published: Jul 2005

Retail Price: $7.99

Pages: 455


They are stronger, heal better, and think faster than any humans ever createdand they must be destroyed. But not even Victor Heliosonce Frankensteincan stop the engineered killers he is set loose on a reign of terror through modern-day New Orleans. Now the only hope rests in a one-time monster and his all-too-human partners, Detectives Carson OConnor and Michael Maddison. Deucalions centuries-old history began as Victors first and failed attempt to build the perfect humanand it is fated to end in the ultimate confrontation between a damned creature and his mad creator. But first Deucalion must destroy a monstrosity not even Victors malignant mind could have imaginedan indestructible entity that steps out of humankinds collective nightmare with one purpose: to replace us.

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BookLender review by Alan on 2010-09-08 01:43:27

The story picks up where the last one ended after explaing a few details for the sake of the reader thaqt may not have read the first book. Once the story gets going agian it continues to dive into this new world that threatnes to change the world as it has existed. the entire time you are led to beleive that something will go wrong but you are not sure what. As the story climaxs and the answers to the questions you havee had are starting to be asked, Koontz decides to end the book and leave you wanting the third instalment of this modern spin on an old story. worth reading, but be prepared to finish the book desiring the end of the story.