Crazy Love by Leslie Morgan Steiner Paperback Book


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Author: Leslie Morgan Steiner

Narrator: Eby, Tanya

Format: Unabridged-MP3

Publisher: Brilliance Corporation

Published: Apr 2009

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Specific Groups - General

Retail Price: $24.99


Leslie Morgan Steiner met the love of her life at age 22, soon after graduating from Harvard and starting her first job at Seventeen magazine in New York. She fell for his self-deprecating wit and street smarts – and especially his unabashed worship of her. They married and spent four years together. At first Leslie felt like the woman of his dreams.

Then she discovered her husband had been beaten as a child, taught by his parents that intimacy and rage danced together. He brought violence into their life, pouring coffee grinds over her hair, choking and threatening her with a gun during arguments. Several times, he came close to making good on his threats to kill her. Leslie's mistake is one millions identify with: she fell in love with the wrong man. It took one last terrifying attack to convince her that he would kill her one day if she let him.

Gripping and compelling, Crazy Love unravels the traps laid by love, mesmerizing listeners with insights into why smart women stay in unhealthy relationships – and how one found the courage to leave.

"The book stands as a warning to all women to be vigilant when they pick their spouses, to always have an exit strategy in mind, to know where the money in the marriage is, to pick up as much education as possible – all against the possible day when they may find themselves battered, broke, terrified and alone." – Carolyn See

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