Creativity +: The Catalyst for Creative Thinking by  Paperback Book


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Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Bis Publishers

Published: Jul 2018

Genre: Psychology - Creative Ability

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"Creativity+ is the perfect launch point for anyone looking to better understand how creativity can be used no matter where you work. Learning should always be this much!"
- Theresa Smout, Office of the Special Envoy of the United Nations

Creativity+ is a toolkit that gives you the keys to unlock your curiosity, questioning skills and creative forces.

It is more than a toolkit that helps you achieve your aims, Creativity+ is a philosophy for infusing creative thinking in all aspects of your life, supported by practical tools to bring your ideas to fruition.

Divided into the four phases of innovation (Vision, Discovery, Ideation and Momentum), you are provided with the Mindset (attitudes), Skillset (knowledge), Toolset (techniques) and a supporting Case Study that gives a real-life example of these skills in action.

Navigate easily through the colour-coded phases in this flip board design - because the creative process is iterative, sometimes you have to step back in order to leap forward.

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