Dark Territories by F. Paul Wilson Paperback Book


Rent Dark Territories

Author: F. Paul Wilson

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Garden State Horror Writers

Published: May 2008

Genre: Fiction - Horror - Anthologies

Retail Price: $14.95

Pages: 256


The Garden State Horror Writers presents 15 tales from the New Jersey wilds. Take a ride down the Turnpike of Terror where darkness is a living thing, and every exit leads to another dark territory. The new anthology by the GSHW, Dark Territories, features original stories by Harrison Howe, Peter Gutierrez, Dan Foley, John R. Platt, Meghan Knierim, Brian Pedersen, Edward Greaves, Michael Penncavage, JG Faherty, Neil Morris, William Mingin, Hildy Silverman, and older tales by Kathy Ptacek, F. Paul Wilson, and Charlie Grant. The Garden State Horror Writers is a multi-genre organization that serves as both a networking and resource tool for writers in the tri-state area. The group consists primarily of horror and dark fiction writers, but also includes science fiction, fantasy, mainstream, mystery, romance, and non-fiction writers as well as others on the fringe of the field, such as editors, illustrators, screenwriters, agents, and publishers.

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