Debt-Proof Your Marriage by Mary Hunt Paperback Book


Rent Debt-Proof Your Marriage

Author: Mary Hunt

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Baker Pub Group

Published: Sep 2004

Genre: Business & Economics - Personal Finance - Money Management

Retail Price: $16.99

Pages: 278


While financial disharmony can blow a marriage apart, financial harmony can bind it together. In this highly practical book, Mary Hunt helps couples bring the principles of intimacy-the foundation for harmony and debt-free living-into management of their money. These principles include acceptance, freedom, safety, and honesty in money matters, creating an atmosphere that unifies two lives into one.Debt-Proof Your Marriage is packed with real-life advice that infuses readers with hope and direction. It covers everything couples need for managing their money in harmony, including how to: * reconcile different money behaviors and beliefs* let go of financial fears* understand the basics of practical money management* share financial work between two people* manage roller coaster income * successfully live debt-freeHunt's essential guide will help couples protect both their marriage and their money. With the interactive workbook, it's ideal for small group study or pre-marital counseling as well.

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