Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words by Andrew Morton Paperback Book


Rent Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words

Author: Andrew Morton

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Publisher: Pocket Books

Published: Jan 1998

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Historical - British

Retail Price: $8.99

Pages: 432


The sudden and tragic death of Princess Diana caused the world to reflect on how much this singular woman meant to us all. This new edition of her life story -- which includes Diana's personal recollections in her own words, as well as an account of the events surrounding her death -- poignantly strengthens her hold on our hearts.

From her fairy-tale wedding and the births of her two wonderful boys to the stunning collapse of her marriage, Diana's luminous but troubled life transfixed millions. Despite enduring heartbreak, illness, and depression, she never wavered in her commitment to the less fortunate, or in her determination to make a better life for herself and her sons. This revealing book is the closest we will ever come to her autobiography -- a lasting and powerful testament to her courage and spirit.

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