Distant Dreams (Ribbons of Steel) by Judith Pella Paperback Book


Rent Distant Dreams (Ribbons of Steel)

Author: Judith Pella

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Published: Aug 2009

Genre: Fiction - Christian - Romance/historical

Retail Price: $17.00

Pages: 416


The year is 1835 and Carolina Adams finds herself enchanted by an unlikely suitor... the railroad. Frustrated by society's expectations upon her gender, she longs to study more masculine subjects and is thrilled when her father grants her a tutor.

James Baldwin arrives to serve as Carolina's teacher, but of more importance, he is to court Carolina's beautiful older sister, Virginia. Will expectations--and Virginia's southern charm--elicit the hoped-for proposal? Or will James and Carolina dare to acknowledge the mutual interests and feelings growing between them?

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