Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown Paperback Book


Rent Eloquent Silence

Author: Sandra Brown

Narrator: Joyce Bean

Format: Unabridged-CD, Unabridged-MP3

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Published: Feb 2005

Genre: Fiction - Romance - General

Retail Price: $29.95

Discs: 6


Lauri is a dedicated young teacher for the deaf. Her past conceals a wound still unhealed, her present is a facade, and she uses her career to hide her loneliness. Drake, daytime TV's most popular star, has two heartaches - the daughter he believes will never have a normal life and the dead wife he can't forget. Jennifer is the beautiful hearing-impaired child who may become a pawn between the man and the woman she needs the most. Now, in the heart of a New Mexico arts community, the three may become a family...but only if each one dares to find a voice and lets his or her fears and needs speak for themselves.

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BookLender review by Laurie on 2013-08-09 17:34:24

I love Sandra Browns mysteries. I ordered this one not knowing it was written many years ago when she was writing romance novels under another name. I like a good romance novel with strong characters, real issues, and complex personal relationships, especially if the writer makes the plot interesting.This book was awful. Dreadful. I couldnt even finish it. The main character Lauri has the emotional maturity of a 14yearold, and her love interest is a selfcentered, immature soap opera star. Oh puleeeeeze. The characters really dont have any interaction at all except that shes got a crush on him, he wants to sleep with her and is trying to seduce her, she kinda gives in, and then says, Oh no I could never. Give me break.There wasnt one realistic conversation in the entire part of the book that I listened to. They didnt chat. They didnt interact, except hot and cold. Whatever. Too much like a bad soap opera. I finally gave up.