Empowered: Why We Need Spirit-Filled Churches by Kie Bowman Paperback Book


Rent Empowered: Why We Need Spirit-Filled Churches

Author: Kie Bowman


Publisher: Auxano Press

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Religion - Christian Church - Leadership

Retail Price: $9.99

Pages: 160


Since the second verse of the Bible, we have observed the ministry of the Holy Spirit and have been somewhat confused ever since about what He does! Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to make the New Testament church His main priority. The day of Pentecost was just the beginning; the Holy Spirit wants to encourage, empower, enliven, equip, protect, and pray for our churches now.

Each chapter of Empowered: Why We Need Spirit-Filled Churches exposes the reader to a specific aspect of the Spirit's ministry to every church. When taken collectively, it becomes obvious we are utterly dependent upon the Spirit and doomed without Him. In this fast-paced book, readers will be reminded the Holy Spirit is more than a personal counselor to individual believers―He is the presence and power of God for our churches right here and right now.

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