Eros Island by Lucinda Betts Paperback Book


Rent Eros Island

Author: Lucinda Betts

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Aphrodisia

Published: Feb 2008

Genre: Fiction - Erotica - Short Stories

Retail Price: $12.95

Pages: 304


Centaur Heart' by Lucinda Betts: In a sacred glade in ancient Greece stands Chiron, a godlike man who radiates sexual power. The Princess Akantha is spellbound and consumed with desire for him. Chiron is tall and muscular with otherworldly eyes and a mane of hair that gleams like polished bronze. But is he truly a man or a centaur? Akantha is about to be swept away for the wildest ride of her life. 'The Dream Well' by Dawn Thompson: A knight lost within the mists of a Celtic wood finds a magical well and as he touches its stones, a goddess rises from its depths, beautiful, naked and unashamed. Gar Trivelyan is instantly aroused by the breathtaking sight of Analee's body, half veiled in the silken fall of her coppery hair, and her matchless eyes. When the Samhain moon is full, she whispers, I may choose a lover. And I have chosen you. Thunderstruck by Devyn Quinn Danicia Ryan works magic in marble...her sculpture of Herakles. is the epitome of nude male beauty and unbridled virility. When the sculpture turns to living flesh during a violent thunderstorm, Danicia is dazzled by the intensity of Herakles's sexual appetite. And she's ready, eager, and willing to take everything her dream god has to give... WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit.)

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