Even Eagles Need a Push: Learning to Soar in a Changing World by David McNally Paperback Book


Rent Even Eagles Need a Push: Learning to Soar in a Changing World

Author: David McNally


Publisher: Dell Publishing Company

Published: Dec 1969

Genre: Business & Economics - Business Life - Inspirational

Retail Price: $16.00

Pages: 192


Discover your strengths, ilive your dreams! Let go of fear. Discover your true sense of purpose. Live the life you've only imagined!Why does the thrill of soaring begin with the fear of falling? How can you overcome that fear and dare to ilive? Let David McNally lead you on an extraordinary journey of discovery that takes you from motivation to inspiration to action. Be prepared to work! In this book, iyou write the ending. Read fascinating anecdotes, stories, personal revelations; practice the meditations, self-assessment exercises, affirmations, and keep track in your journal as you discover the power of your potential and begin to soar. Learn how to Choose your attitude and transform your lifebr Practice positive affirmations to overcome self-doubtbr Radiate confidence as you discover the power of purposebr Use language to help shape your thoughtsbr Achieve what you truly want from lifeMaximize your creative potential. Find success with dignity. Deal with personal crises. Discover your answers in the book that will forever change the way you feel about your work, your dreams, and yourself, as it helps put your own personal powers to work.

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