Everything Must Change by Brian D. McLaren Paperback Book


Rent Everything Must Change

Author: Brian D. McLaren

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Hovel Audio

Published: Oct 2007

Genre: Religion - Theology

Retail Price: $26.98


What do the life and teaching of Jesus have to say about the most critical global problems in our world today?

Acclaimed author and Emergent church leader Brian McLaren states, 'More and more Christian leaders are beginning to realize that for the millions of young adults who have recently dropped out of church, Christianity is a failed religion. Why? Because it has specialized in dealing with 'spiritual needs' to the exclusion of physical and social needs. It has focused on 'me' and 'my eternal destiny,' but it has failed to address the dominant societal and global realities of their lifetime: systemic injustice, poverty, and dysfunction.'

McLaren asks, 'Shouldn't a message purporting to be the best news in the world be doing better than this?' What he sets forth in this provocative, unsettling work is a 'form of Christian faith that is holistic, integral, balanced, that offers good news for both the living and the dying, that speaks of God's grace at work both in this life and the life to come, both to individuals and to societies and the planet as a whole.

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