Feeling Fine Affirmations by Louise Hay Paperback Book


Rent Feeling Fine Affirmations

Author: Louise Hay

Format: Abridged-CD

Publisher: Hay House Audio

Published: May 2004

Genre: Self-help - Affirmations

Retail Price: $10.99


This CD contains positive affirmations, narrated by Louise L. Hay, set to motivating music. Saying affirmations is like planting seeds. It takes time for them to germinate and take root. Be patient with yourself. Repeat the affirmations on this CD as often as possible. They will help you change long-standing negative thoughts into ones of self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. You'll begin to appreciate who you are as you release past programming. Soon you'll have an abundance of health, energy, and well-being developing with-in you.

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