Fortunately, the Milk CD by Neil Gaiman Paperback Book


Rent Fortunately, the Milk CD

Author: Neil Gaiman

Narrator: Skottie Young

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published: Dec 2013

Genre: Children & Young Adults Fiction - Humorous Stories

Retail Price: $13.99


"I bought the milk," said my father. "I walked out of the corner shop, and heard a noise like this: t h u m m t h u m m. I looked up and saw a huge silver disc hovering in the air above Marshall Road.

"Hullo," I said to myself. "That's not something you see every day. And then something odd happened."

Find out just how odd things get in this hilarious story of time travel and breakfast cereal, expertly told by Newbery Medalist and bestselling author Neil Gaiman.

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