Four Weeks with God and Your Neighbor by Jay E. Adams Paperback Book


Rent Four Weeks with God and Your Neighbor

Author: Jay E. Adams

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Institute for Nouthetic Studies

Published: Dec 2021

Genre: Religion - Devotional

Pages: 82


Although designed originally for use with counselees to accompany and supplement counseling, this devotional workbook will benefit all Christians who seek a more meaningful and productive devotional experience. Adams warns that the term devotional should not connote a superficial, mystical reading of the Bible mixed with prayer. Accordingly, this unique devotional book has some important features: · Five devotional studies per week over a four-week period-approximately the time necessary for a counselee or anyone else to establish new patterns. · Saturday set aside as a time for review, evaluation, and consideration of gains. · A page for Sunday directed toward note-taking at church, leading to application of the preacher's sermons. · Morning weekday studies that lead toward personal application during the day. · Evening checkup that provides opportunity to see progress and growth in the use of Scripture in daily life.

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