Get High Now (without drugs) by James Nestor Paperback Book


Rent Get High Now (without drugs)

Author: James Nestor

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Chronicle Books

Published: Aug 2009

Genre: Self-help - General

Retail Price: $14.95

Pages: 240


Get High Now is an illustrated, mind-blowing magic carpet ride of more than 200 ways to alter human perception and consciousness-without drugs or alcohol. Culled from science, physiology, spiritual practices, and the audio visual arts, these 'all natural' highs playfully and safely explore the mind-body connection to entertaining and illuminating effect. Accessible and well-researched, each entry introduces concepts such as lucid dreaming, optical and auditory illusions, controlled breathing, meditation, time compression, and physical and mental exercises, explaining the ways in which they affect our minds and bodies and how to do them. Readers follow the author and his 'HighLab' testing team through mind-bending and sometimes hilarious investigations, such as how to lull the mind into hallucinatory states with audio loops; why multiple bee stings lead to euphoric states; what cheeses to eat to induce psychedelic lucid dreams; how to control your breathing to create an out-of-body experience; and many more. Including solo, tandem, and group highs, Get High Now features hundreds of ways to calm or stimulate the senses and open new windows to experiencing the world.

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