God Loves the Stranger: Stories, Poems, Prayers by Sheila Peltz Weinberg Paperback Book


Rent God Loves the Stranger: Stories, Poems, Prayers

Author: Sheila Peltz Weinberg

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: White River Press

Published: Mar 2017

Genre: Religion - Judaism - Rituals & Practice

Pages: 202


How to find peace and harmony in an unsettled world.

You. Me. The person down the street or halfway around the globe. In this inspiring collection of stories, blessings, poetry, divine teachings, and meditation exercises, Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg conveys a single, powerful message: Let us not be strangers. God loves us all.

Using a blend of ancient and modern ideas, GOD LOVES THE STRANGER carves a clear pathway that enables us to learn how to love one another and create just societies. From teaching us how to handle suffering and aversion in positive, productive ways; how to learn creative skills for mindfulness, meditation, and retreat practice; and how to bring the roots of love and gratitude into our everyday lives, this book is a comprehensive tutorial for navigating today's interpersonal and situational challenges with grace, spiritual fulfillment, and understanding. It offers tender, thought-provoking insight into the awareness that we are not--are never--alone; and that neither are our family members, our friends, or the strangers

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