Good Ghouls Do by Julie Kenner Paperback Book


Rent Good Ghouls Do

Author: Julie Kenner

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Published: Sep 2007

Genre: Children & Young Adults Fiction - Girls & Women

Retail Price: $9.99

Pages: 240


From the Publisher

The USA Today bestselling author returns to Horror High-and so does teen vampire Beth Frasier.

In The Good Ghoul's Guide to Getting Even, Julie Kenner introduced Beth Frasier, high school sweetheart-turned-bloodsucker. She's back-and not alone in her habit. Vampirism is catching on at Waterloo High, since the Master Vamp Beth thought she offed is still wandering the halls. Now, sun-shy Beth has a new survival plan. But finding the real Master is putting a lot pressure on a girl who wants two things out of life: one more chance to tan, and a boyfriend who doesn't bite back.

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