Great Hunting Stories: Inspiring Adventures for Every Hunter by Steve Chapman Paperback Book


Rent Great Hunting Stories: Inspiring Adventures for Every Hunter

Author: Steve Chapman

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Published: Jul 2010

Genre: Fiction - Christian - Short Stories

Retail Price: $12.99

Pages: 165


Bestselling author Steve Chapman (A Look at Life from a Deer Stand, over 230,000 copies sold) spins adventuresome hunting tales based on real-life excursions. Steve's passion for God, family, and hunting make his stories entertaining and chockful of insights and encouragement for growing spiritually and relationally.

As readers hike with Steve and hunt for whitetail, turkey, and other game, they'll discover life is all about the hunt and the hunt is all about life, as shown by...

a hunter who helps save a strained father/son relationshipan elderly hunter who discovers he hasn't lost his passion after alla daughter and father team who struggle to keep hunting traditions aliverabbit-hunting brothers who realize how fragile life can be

Woven into every story is appreciation for God's magnificent creation and the desire to love Him, serve Him, and reach out to people in His name.

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