Halsey's Typhoon by Bob Drury Paperback Book


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Author: Bob Drury

Narrator: Tom Clavin

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Penguin/Highbridge

Published: Jan 2007

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Military

Retail Price: $36.95

Discs: 9


Set in the Pacific Theater during the climactic days of World War II, Halsey's Typhoon is the story of how Admiral William 'Bull' Halsey, America's most popular naval hero, unwittingly sailed his undefeated Third Fleet into the teeth of the most powerful storm on earth while supporting General Douglas MacArthur's famous 'I Shall Return' invasion of the Philippines. A Homeric epic of man versus nature, Halsey's Typhoon chronicles how nature attacked America as the enemy never could. In its wake, the typhoon left a previously invincible fleet devastated, inflicting more damage and loss of life than the Battle of Midway.

Stunned Navy brass suppressed the scope of the disaster so as not to endanger the American advance on Tokyo, and Halsey never spoke about the ensuing Court of Inquiry for the rest of his life. Only now, thanks to declassified documents and dozens of firsthand accounts from survivors -- including former President Gerald Ford, will the tragic yet heroic story finally be told.

Halsey's Typhoon will take readers through Halsey's smashing victories against the Japanese, to a detailed account of the extraordinary forces of Typhoon Cobra, to the bold courage of Lt. Com. Henry Lee Plage, who, defying orders to rejoin the fleet, sailed his tiny destroyer escort through 70-foot waves and 150-mile-per-hour winds to rescue drifting sailors from capsized ships.

Riveting, dramatic, and heroic, Halsey's Typhoon will introduce readers to the greatest battle of World War II -- which was fought without a shot fired.

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