Heartbreaker by De'nesha Diamond Paperback Book


Rent Heartbreaker

Author: De'nesha Diamond

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Dafina Books

Published: Feb 2010

Genre: Fiction - African American - Contemporary Women

Retail Price: $18.00

Pages: 320


Street lit's hottest stars bring you three sizzling women out to rule the game--and have it all--by any deadly means necessary. . .

De'Nesha Diamond

Ex-con Delvon Jackson lives to hustle--and loves to go after what he can't have. Working for a powerful Atlanta tycoon has put him deep between the satin sheets and luscious curves of his boss' way-off-limits wife. But when Delvon makes the ultimate move to get her and her husband's money, his hottest seduction might be his last. . .

Put 'Em in Their Place
Erick S. Gray

Sexy Cha has everyone from New York's most ruthless thug to its richest player at her mercy. And now that she's sexing her father's murderer and throwing his empire into turmoil, she's moving in for the final payback. . .and straight into someone else's lethal sights. . .

Kandy Girlz
Nichelle Walke

Kandy learned the hard way that power and money is never enough. By trickin' ballers, rappers, and powerful executives, the ice-cold beauty took her modeling agency to the top--and got more than the best of everything. But now the one hustle Kandy's not prepared for will give her everything to lose. . .

"Diamond tells it like it is." –-Publishers Weekly

"Erick S. Gray is one of the rising stars of urban fiction." –-Urban-Reviews.com

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