Homeland and Other Stories by Barbara Kingsolver Paperback Book


Rent Homeland and Other Stories

Author: Barbara Kingsolver

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Harper Perennial

Published: May 1990

Genre: Fiction - Short Stories (single Author)

Retail Price: $13.00

Pages: 272


With the same wit and sensitivity that have come to characterize her highly praised and beloved novels Animal Dreams and The Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver gives us a rich and emotionally resonant collection of twelve stories. Spreading her memorable characters over landscapes ranging from northern-California to the hills of eastern Kentucky and the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, Kingsolver tells stories of hope, momentary joy, and powerful endurance. In every setting, Kingsolver's distinctive voice -- at times comic, but often heartrending -- rings true as she explores the twin themes of family ties and the life choices one must ultimately make alone. Homeland and Other Stories creates a world of love and possibility that readers will want to take as their own.

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