Hustlin' Divas (Dafina Books) by De'nesha Diamond Paperback Book


Rent Hustlin' Divas (Dafina Books)

Author: De'nesha Diamond

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Dafina Books

Published: Nov 2010

Genre: Fiction - African American - Urban Life

Retail Price: $15.00

Pages: 320


From the award-winning, national bestselling author hailed as the 'Duchess of Street Lit' comes a steamy, sexy, gritty tale about Memphis' ride-or-die chicks, who'll do whatever it takes to get what they want.

In South Memphis, four women live in high-stakes, high-risk territory.

Ta'Shara has no interest in following her sister into the street game, but when she falls in love with the brother of a rival, her own sister orders a severe punishment.

LeShelle didn't get where she is by being nice. When a drug mule tries to take her spot next to her man, Python, she pulls the hustle of a lifetime.

Yolanda is ambitious but not too smart. A lucky break lands her in Python's bed and makes her an enemy of LeShelle.

Melanie is a police detective, but she helps Python skirt the law to line her pockets. When she starts catching feelings, everything goes to hell, and her shiny badge can't help her now.

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