I Love the Church, I Hate the Church: Paradox or Contradiction? by Robert R. Larochelle Paperback Book


Rent I Love the Church, I Hate the Church: Paradox or Contradiction?

Author: Robert R. Larochelle

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Resource Publications (CA)

Published: Feb 2022

Genre: Religion - Christian Theology - Ecclesiology

Pages: 146


Is it possible to both love and hate the church at one and the same time? Bob LaRochelle has had a lot of experience with different churches. Raised a Roman Catholic, he was ordained a Permanent Deacon in that church. After a period of intense soul-searching, he left the Catholic Church and embarked on a career in ordained Protestant ministry, serving congregations in both the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Through most of the same time, he also worked in the field of education, first as a teacher, and, for most of his career, as a counselor. Balancing personal experience with historical and theological background and reflection, I Love the Church, I Hate the Church combines factual information, theological analysis, and deep-seated personal feelings, all inviting the reader to take a look at the church, perhaps in ways that she or he never has before!

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