I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This! by Bob Newhart Paperback Book


Rent I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!

Author: Bob Newhart

Narrator: Bob Newhart

Format: Abridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Time Warner Audiobooks

Published: Sep 2006

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Rich & Famous

Retail Price: $24.98

Discs: 3


The legendary comedian shares a collection of anecdotes from throughout his life and entertainment career, as well as hilarious observations on life, television, golf, family holidays, drinking, his beginnings as an accountant, and other topics. Read by Bob Newhart. Simultaneous.

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BookLender review by Wendy on 2012-01-25 14:17:23

And he is right...he shouldnt be doing this. I like him...loved his show....but his routines are predictable and boring. His life has been interesting I am sure, but he didnt make it seem so in this book. For a celebrity.