Ice and Bone: Tracking an Alaskan Serial Killer by Monte Francis Paperback Book


Rent Ice and Bone: Tracking an Alaskan Serial Killer

Author: Monte Francis

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Wildblue Press

Published: Apr 2016

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Criminals & Outlaws

Pages: 390


In the Fall of 2000, in Anchorage, Alaska, a series of murders captured headlines, stoking fears a serial killer was on the loose. Six women, mostly Alaska Natives, were found slain, all under similar circumstances. An anonymous tip led investigators to a thuggish, young drug dealer, who would eventually implicate himself in three of the women's deaths. But it wasn't until the disappearance of a well-loved nurse psychologist seven years later, and the discovery of her body in the remote wilderness of Wasilla, that two astute female detectives would finally bring the murderer to justice. ICE AND BONE is the chilling, true account of how a notorious murderer evaded police and avoided conviction only to slip back into the shadows and kill again. Award-winning journalist Monte Francis tells the harrowing story of detectives' hunt for a serial killer, recounting a case that sparked cries of outrage and racial injustice, and shows why the true scope the killer's savagery is only now, more than a decade later, fully revealed.

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