Iraq: The Forever War (PM Audio) by Noam Chomsky Paperback Book


Rent Iraq: The Forever War (PM Audio)

Author: Noam Chomsky

Format: Unabridged CD

Publisher: PM Press

Published: Dec 2009

Genre: History - United States - 21st Century

Retail Price: $14.95


Presenting an arresting analysis of U.S. foreign policy and the war on terror, this original recording delivers a provocative lecture on the nation's past. Demonstrating how imperial powers have historically invented fantastic reasons to sell their wars to their people, this powerful examination illustrates the attack on Iraq as not just a mistake but a crime, proposing that the criminals behind it should be brought to justice. The discourse focuses on the present U.S. disregard for the Geneva Conventions and the dangerous and immoral use of "anticipatory self-defense" to undermine the United Nations Charter and international law. In spite of this dark assessment, this argument maintains hope for democracy at home and abroad, inspiring listeners to let political malaise fall by the wayside and instead work to build a more egalitarian future for all.

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