Joy Bliss This: A Teacher's Journey by William Quigley Paperback Book


Rent Joy Bliss This: A Teacher's Journey

Author: William Quigley

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Indiego Publishing LLC

Published: Mar 2018

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Educators

Pages: 340


In his book Joy Bliss This, William Quigley tells the story of becoming a teacher, a journey he never planned to take, and one that was filled with repeated failure from the start. At his lowest point, when he had fallen the farthest and needed the most help, his students were the ones who saved him. In that redemption, he found a way to make a positive impact on the world through teaching, and he learned the ultimate lesson, that excellence is what we are here for. In being lost and finding his way, William’s teaching adventure serves as a guidepost and guardrail for your own journey toward excellence. We are our stories; this is his. Come along with him. The adventure is calling. Let’s begin! 10% of all sales will go to a scholarship to help graduating seniors pursue their own unique dreams and passions!

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