Just After Sunset: Stories by Stephen King Paperback Book


Rent Just After Sunset: Stories

Author: Stephen King

Narrator: TBA

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio

Published: Nov 2008

Genre: Fiction - Short Stories (single Author)

Retail Price: $49.99

Discs: 13


In Just After Sunset Stephen King delivers an astonishing collection of short stories, his first since Everything's Eventual six years ago. One of the longer stories in this book, 'N.' recently broke ground when it was adapted as a graphic digital entertainment and brought to vibrant life through a series of 25 video episodes. Introduced by the author, those episodes are presented on the DVD included in this Collector's Set. A trailer for the video episodes, and a special 'Behind the Scenes' segment complete the DVD package available only in this special edition of the book.

Who but Stephen King would turn a Port-O-San into a slimy birth canal, or a roadside honky-tonk into a place for endless love? A book salesman with a grievance might pick up a mute hitchhiker, not knowing the silent man in the passenger seat listens altogether too well. Or an exercise routine on a stationary bicycle, begun to reduce bad cholesterol, might take its rider on a captivating-and then terrifying-journey. Set on a remote key in Florida, 'The Gingerbread Girl' is a riveting tale featuring a young woman as vulnerable-and resourceful-as Audrey Heurn's character in Wait Until Dark. In 'Ayana,' a blind girl works a miracle with a kiss and the touch of her hand. For King, the line between the living and the dead is often blurry, and the seams that hold our reality intact might tear apart at any moment. 'N.' tells the story of a psychiatrist who falls victim to the same deadly obsession as his patient - an obsession that just might save the world!

Just After Sunset-call it dusk, call it twilight, it's a time when human intercourse takes on an unnatural cast, when nothing is quite as it appears, when the imagination begins to reach for shadows as they dissipate to darkness and living daylight can be scared right out of you. IIt's the perfect time for Stephen King.

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