KOREA AT A GLANCE (FULL COLOR): Quick and Easy Visual Book To Help You Learn and Understand Korea! by Fandom Media Paperback Book


Rent KOREA AT A GLANCE (FULL COLOR): Quick and Easy Visual Book To Help You Learn and Understand Korea!

Author: Fandom Media

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: New Ampersand Publishing

Published: Feb 2019

Genre: History - Asia - Korea

Pages: 56


Want to learn and understand Korea in a quick and easy way? Then this book is for you! KOREA AT A GLANCE : Quick and Easy Visual Book To Help You Learn and Understand Korea is full of intuitive, easy-to-understand infographics and illustrations to help you absorb a great amount of knowledge and information in the most effective way. This book contains 52 pages of large 8.5" x 11" full-color sections, jam packed with all the essential information and facts you should know, covering various topics such as Korean History, Korean Culture, Korean Superstitions, and so much more! It's specially designed for people with no prior knowledge about Korea, and even little kids can learn easily thanks to our interesting illustrations and intuitive infographics. It also makes a great companion for your Korean study needs - the abridged highlight reel of Korean History will especially come in handy. The book has a multitude of topics and subjects, such as:Geography- WHERE IN THE WORLD IS KOREA?- HOW FAR IS KOREA?- HOW BIG IS KOREA?- WHAT TIME IS IT IN KOREA?Culture- THE KOREAN FLAG - WHAT DO ALL THE SYMBOLS MEAN?- HISTORY OF TAE GEUK GI (South Korean Flag) AND IN GONG GI (North Korean Flag)- OFFICIAL NATIONAL SYMBOLS OF KOREA- WHO LIVES IN SOUTH KOREA?- AEGUKGA - THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF KOREA, WITH LYRICS TRANSLATION- HOLIDAYS OF KOREA- TAE KWON DO - KOREAN MARTIAL ART AND NATIONAL SPORT- KOREAN BLOOD TYPE PERSONALITY THEORYHistory & Tradition- HANGUL THE KOREAN ALPHABET- THE STORY BEHIND KOREAN LAST NAMES- KOREAN SUPERSTITIONS THAT MANY PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE- DOL JABI - PREDICTING BABY'S FUTURE- GUARDIANS OF KOREAN VILLAGESFood- TOP 10 ALL-TIME POPULAR KOREAN FOODS- THE EVOLUTION OF KIMCHIEconomy- HOW MUCH IS THE KOREAN WON (CURRENCY)?- ECONOMY : SOUTH KOREA VS NORTH KOREATourism- COUNTRIES THAT DON'T NEED A VISA TO VISIT KOREA- KOREAN PLACES AND THEIR MEANINGSAnd there is the abridged version of Korean History, which covers not only the timeline but also have separate sections on important events and figures with full explanation and description!Korean History Highlight Reel- GOJOSEON, KOREA'S FIRST NATION- THREE KINGDOMS PERIOD- UNIFIED SILLA- GORYEO, THE GLORY OF KOREA- JOSEON DYNASTY, THE LAND OF THE MORNING CALM- DREAMING OF A MODERN STATE, THE KOREAN EMPIRE- SAD HISTORY - JAPANESE COLONIAL PERIOD- KOREAN WAR TIMELINE- POST KOREAN WARAs you can see, we've a LOT of information in this book! We're certain that you will learn a great deal with it. Have fun studying about Korea! After reading this book, you would have gained so much knowledge ;)

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