Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw by Mark Bowden Paperback Book


Rent Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw

Author: Mark Bowden

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Grove Press

Published: Feb 2018

Genre: History - Military

Retail Price: $18.00

Pages: 400


"Bowden has a way of making modern nonfiction read like the best of novels . . . [Killing Pablo] is absolutely riveting."--Denver Post

A tour de force of investigative journalism, Killing Pablo is the story of the vio-lent rise and fall of Pablo Escobar, the head of the Colombian Medellin cocaine cartel. Escobar's criminal empire held a nation of thirty million hostage in a reign of terror that would end only with his death. In an intense, up-close account, award-winning journalist Mark Bowden exposes details never before revealed about the U.S.-led covert sixteen-month manhunt. With unprecedented access to important players--including Colombian president Cesar Gaviria and the incorruptible head of the special police unit that pursued Escobar, Colonel Hugo Martinez--as well as top-secret documents and transcripts of Escobar's intercepted phone conversations, Bowden has produced a gripping narrative that is a stark portrayal of rough justice in the real world.

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