Knowing How to Know by Idries Shah Paperback Book


Rent Knowing How to Know

Author: Idries Shah

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Isf Publishing

Published: Apr 2020

Genre: Philosophy - Eastern

Pages: 410


Knowing How To Knowcontains the concentrated essence of Idries Shah's Sufi thought. First published two years after his death, in 1996, it includes study papers and materials presented to his students over the course of his life, now made available to the wider public. As the third and final part of Shah's trilogy on traditional Sufi psychology, preceded by Learning How to Learn,andThe Commanding Self, it contains, in the author's own words, 'material which... could easily fill many hundreds of pages'. And it continues to shed further light on the common barriers to progress on the Sufi Way both for individuals and groups.

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