Lennon Revealed by Larry Kane Paperback Book


Rent Lennon Revealed

Author: Larry Kane

Format: Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Cider Mill Press

Published: Oct 2008

Genre: Biography & Autobiography - Composers & Musicians - Rock

Retail Price: $34.95


DIVA quarter of a century after his death, the question remains: what was John Lennon really like? Now, in the audio version of IThe New York Times' bestselling book, acclaimed broadcast journalist Larry Kane uncovers the mysteries of Lennon's life and implodes the myths surrounding it. ILennon Revealed is filled with eye-opening revelations: Kane provides stunning information about Lennon's relationships with Ono, his childhood soulmate Stuart Sutcliffe, his lover May Pang, and Beatles' manager Brian Epstein. Drawing on extensive personal accounts and extraordinary new interviews—most notably, Yoko Ono—Kane brings the reader closer than ever to the charismatic man who, in life and in death, had a singular impact on humanity. The exclusive DVD also features the rarely seen final filmed interview with Lennon and Paul McCartney, conducted by Larry Kane in 1968.

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