Lexington and Concord: The Battle Heard Round the World by George C. Daughan Paperback Book


Rent Lexington and Concord: The Battle Heard Round the World

Author: George C. Daughan

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Published: Apr 2019

Genre: History - United States - Revolutionary Period (1775-1800)

Retail Price: $17.95

Pages: 368


"A wonderful addition to the literature on the American Revolution, full of enlightening facts and figures." ―Kirkus Reviews, starred review

George C. Daughan's magnificently detailed account of the battle of Lexington and Concord challenges the prevailing narrative of the American War of Independence. It was, Daughan argues, based as much on economic concerns as political ones. When Massachusetts militiamen turned out in overwhelming numbers to fight the British, they believed they were fighting for their farms and livelihoods, as well as for liberty. In the eyes of many American colonists, Britain's repressive measures were not simply an effort to reestablish political control of the colonies, but also a means to reduce the prosperous colonists to the serfdom Benjamin Franklin witnessed on his tour of Ireland and Scotland. Authoritative and thoroughly researched, Lexington and Concord is a "worthy resource for history buffs seeking a closer look at what drove the start of the American Revolution" (Booklist).

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