Life After a Balla by Jackie D. Paperback Book


Rent Life After a Balla

Author: Jackie D.

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Life Changing Books

Published: Jan 2012

Genre: Fiction - African American - Contemporary Women

Retail Price: $15.00

Pages: 248


The sequel Life after a Balla begins with Skye doing whatever it takes to obtain the riches she whole heartedly thinks she deserves. Between lavish gifts and million-dollar promises she tries hard to forget her past turmoil with Sandingo, her abusive no-good husband. Skye becomes helpless with Sandingo's tricky business proposition, and soon life takes a turn for the worse as she has to sleep next to the enemy. Will this shattered woman be able to rebuild her life now that the tables are turned? They say payback is a bitch...or is it?

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