Living Well: 99 Stories from the Mikveh by Lori Taubman Cooper Paperback Book


Rent Living Well: 99 Stories from the Mikveh

Author: Lori Taubman Cooper

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Lori T. Cooper

Published: Jan 2019

Genre: Religion - Judaism - Rituals & Practice

Pages: 186


For thousands of years, the Jewish ritual bath called mikveh has been an exclusive and integral part of Jewish life. In ancient times, purity rituals were indispensable to Jewish observance. With the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, the use of mikveh continued for nearly two thousands years primarily as a ritual for women. In recent decades, there has been renewed interest in reinventing and rejuvenating this time-honored and quintessentially Jewish rite.

In 2002, a community mikveh was built in Wynnewood, PA with Lori T. Cooper as its Director. In addition to encouraging traditional usages of mikveh, Cooper formed new rituals punctuated by poetry, songs, and prayers to mark the transitions in our lives. This volume is her compilation of deeply personal stories and experiences told from multiple perspectives of the visiting families and individuals, as well as Cooper's own voice. Organized into five catagories of stories; Marriage, Healing, Monthly Usage, Conversion, and Celebration, each story concludes with a careful selection designed for your contemplation and consideration.

You will emerge from these incredible journeys with a unique recognition of the spiritual power and transformational abilities of the mikveh's sacred waters.

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