Made for Sex by Joan Elizabeth Lloyd Paperback Book


Rent Made for Sex

Author: Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation

Published: Nov 2007

Genre: Fiction - General

Retail Price: $15.00

Pages: 464


New York...the city that never sleeps, where sex is available anytime, anyplace. IIt's a city of hot desires and wild fantasies, exquisite pleasure and erotic seduction. And two women have come looking for it all...

Sex For Sale

A single mom of three, Carla is stuck in a suburban rut. Then she bumps into an old college friend who makes her an incredible proposition: become her partner as a very selective, high-priced prostitute. Shocked at first, Carla soon feels a thrill of excitement when she gets a glimpse of her new life. There are men who control and who like to be controlled, men who become aroused listening to the whisper of silk panties over the phone, and men who want to play with a woman's naked body until she's a quivering mess of ecstasy. And she has the power to live out her most intimate fantasies and deepest desires...

Sex To Savor

For years Fran has been writing erotica under the pseudonym Nichole St. Michelle. Now that she's been nominated for the prestigious Madison Prize, Fran has a chance to go to New York and take a walk on the wild side--as Nicki. By day, Fran is dazzled by the city's lights and the beautiful, seductive men and women strutting by. By night, she becomes Nicki, a wanton creature, tasting, touching and exploring sex in every way imaginable. IIt's pure, unfettered ecstasy, and all Nicki wants is more...

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