Manipulated: The 12 Deadly Lies of Network Marketing by Mark Davenport Paperback Book


Rent Manipulated: The 12 Deadly Lies of Network Marketing

Author: Mark Davenport

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Manipulated Books

Published: Sep 2019

Genre: Business & Economics - Marketing - Multilevel

Pages: 188


Each month an estimated five hundred million people are pitched a network marketing or multi-level marketing opportunity that offers them good money and flexible hours. But for every Avon or Amway, there are a hundred charlatan companies offering nothing but empty promises and outright lies.

In this no-holds-barred volume, Mark Davenport reveals the tricks and tactics of unscrupulous scammers who have perverted a once-viable enterprise. A veteran of more than seventy network marketing organizations, Davenport separates the wheat from the chaff, providing valuable insider knowledge on how to distinguish great companies with good products from fraudulent outfits built solely on hype. And he offers suggestions for creating real and positive change to restore integrity to a badly tarnished business plan.

Whether you're already an industry professional or considering a network marketing career, don't be manipulated! Protect yourself from the lies and phony promises with this one-of-a-kind handbook.

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