Margin Matters: How to Live on a Simple Budget & Crush Debt Forever by Amethyst Brown Paperback Book


Rent Margin Matters: How to Live on a Simple Budget & Crush Debt Forever

Author: Amethyst Brown

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: 978-1-7332389-0-8

Published: Oct 2019

Genre: Business & Economics - Personal Finance - Money Management

Pages: 224


Do you feel that no matter how much money you make it's never enough?

Many financial experts have cited that 75% of Americans do not live off a budget and half of them cannot produce $400 cash in an emergency. Margin Matters shows you that it's not how much you make, but your margin that matters most. In his book, Jason Brown provides practical solutions to creating and sticking to a simple budget, eliminating debt permanently, and managing your expenses to create the most margin at any income level. Learn the strategies he and his wife used to erase nearly $75,000 of debt in just over three years. 

Discover the Answers to these 5 Questions:

How do I make more money?Is debt just part of life?Do I really need a budget?Why can't I save more?Is there a such thing as financial freedom?

Additionally, the book covers topics such as the psychology of money, dying with debt, why your home is a bad investment, the real cost of college, expecting the unexpected, and differentiating needs from wants. The book's second half features interviews with unique individuals from all walks of life who possess an array of perspectives on money. Highlighted interviews include:

How a young couple paid off $400,000+ debt in under four yearsHow a 12-year-old's life changed after investing his savings in Apple stock at $10 a shareWhy a grad student and his family moved into a tiny homeHow a man persevered from a childhood of poverty in a Third World country, went to law school, and graduated with $300,000+ of student loan debt 

Margin Matters is simplistic guide to creating and living off an easy budget, building a savings and emergency fund, and eliminating debt forever. Learn how to change your mindset and behavior toward money and never stress over finances again. 

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