Master Class: How to Distpatch Trucks & Frieght by Grant Preston Paperback Book


Rent Master Class: How to Distpatch Trucks & Frieght

Author: Grant Preston

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Big Reflection Books, LLC

Published: Mar 2021

Genre: Business & Economics - Education

Pages: 130


This book is a small, no-nonsense reference for normal people who want, or need, to make money at home. This book concentrates of truck dispatching. This a real job that you can work from a home office with a phone and computer. It can pay a few hundred up to over a thousand a week. This a real paying job that can lead to your own home business within a few years.

Truck dispatching is a business that does not know recession. Trucks are always rolling. Grocery store needs daily deliveries. Gas station, restaurants, shops, garages, box stores, car lots, construction sites, marinas, ports...the country would grind to a halt without trucks transporting goods. Trucks need to be dispatched to pick up and deliver these goods.

Getting in on the ground level as a dispatcher can open the door to higher positions and commissions within a company, or you can start your own. Most books out there only teach how to start a truck dispatching service, but this book teachers you how to gain entrance as a dispatcher for a company. Most who start a dispatching service, without practical experience, fail within six months. Use this book in two ways:

1. Get a solid foot in the door, and learn the business before you make the leap.

2. Get a great work at home career that earns a solid check and has flexible hours.

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