Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist by Samara White Lac Paperback Book


Rent Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist

Author: Samara White Lac

Format: Quality Paperback

Publisher: Mugwort Media

Published: Nov 2014

Genre: Health & Fitness - Acupressure & Acupuncture (see Also Medical - Acupuncture)

Pages: 50


Maya and her friends, Bobby Bear and Ellie Elephant, go on an adventure together exploring the methods and magic of Chinese Medicine. When Maya gets sick, they visit Dr. Meow, a feline acupuncturist, who demystifies the experience of going for an acupuncture visit. Along the way, she explains concepts such as Qi and Yin & Yang in a fun and friendly manner. The friends leave the office looking at the world in a new light, and Maya feels much better after her treatment. Find out more at

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