Me of Little Faith by Lewis Black Paperback Book


Rent Me of Little Faith

Author: Lewis Black

Format: Abridged-CD, Unabridged-CD

Publisher: Penguin Audiobooks

Published: Jun 2008

Genre: Humor - Topic - Religion

Retail Price: $29.95


From the hilariously mad-as-hell Daily Show regular and New York Times'bestselling author comes a ferociously funny exploration of religion and faith.

What do we believe? And in God's name why?

Lewis Black has the answers. Or at least his answers. He survived Hebrew school and a bar mitzvah (barely), was a sixties college student who saw the parallels between religious rapture and drug-induced visions (even if none of his friends did), explored the self-actualization movement of the seventies (and the self-indulgence it engendered), and turned a cynical eye toward politicians who don the cloak of religious rectitude to cover up their own hypocrisy.

What he learned about the inconsistencies and peculiarities of religion infuriated Black, and in Me of Little Faith they get his full comic attention. In a series of comedic inquiries, Black explores how the rules and constraints of religion have affected his life and the lives of us all. Hilarious experiences with rabbis, Mormons, gurus, psychics, and even the joy of a perfect round of golf give Black the chance to expound upon what we believe and why'in the language of a shock jock and with the heart of an iconoclast.

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