Men's Private Parts by JAMES H. GILBAUGH Paperback Book


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Narrator: Simon Vance

Format: Unabridged-MP3

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Published: Jul 2004

Genre: Health & Fitness - Men's Health

Retail Price: $24.95

Discs: 1


Straight Answers to Your Most Pressing Intimate Questions

Drawing on more than twenty-five years of clinical experience and familiarity with the anxieties and fears men have about their health, the physician known for years to Men's Health newsletter readers as "Dr. Private Parts" knows just what worries men enough to seek help. Covering everything from "Is this normal?" questions to cancer treatment options, Dr. Gilbaugh puts locker-room misconceptions to rest, and offers the facts as well as up-to-date treatment advice on: Healthy sexual function Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment Noncancerous prostate problems, including benign prostate hypertrophy Vasectomie AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases Medications and alternative treatments for impotence Urinary problems and more

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