Might as Well Be Dead: A Nero Wolfe Mystery by Rex Stout Paperback Book


Rent Might as Well Be Dead: A Nero Wolfe Mystery

Author: Rex Stout

Narrator: Michael Prichard

Format: Unabridged-CD, Paperback

Publisher: Audiogo

Published: Mar 2012

Genre: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - Series

Retail Price: $29.95

Discs: 6


This mystery from one of America's best-loved writers features one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time-Nero Wolfe. An orchid-growing, gourmandizing, demanding genius, Wolfe solves this case with the able assistance of his legman, Archie Goodwin, who narrates with his usual wry humor.

Eleven years after his own thoughtlessness drove his son away from home, a businessman hires Nero Wolfe to track down the young man so that he can make amends. But soon the cops come calling. They want to know why Archie and Wolfe are interested—the son is on trial for murder.

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